Carbon Offsetting

An analysis of carbon offsetting as an alternative to reducing CO2 emissions.

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Is the News Effectively Conveying Climate Science?

A critical look at climate change reporting and what could be done better.

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A snapshot of international climate change law and climate finance

This post gives an overview of the international law of climate change since the Paris Agreement came into force in 2015, and picks apart the system of financial support for developing countries.

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Covid-19 pandemic and its relationship with the climate crisis

In this video, I talk about some of the reasons why we, humans, struggle to deal with crises, taking the example of the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis

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The Fossil Free Movement

A post discussing the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the pressure exerted by activists on governments, institutions and companies to withdraw financial support from fossil fuel companies.

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Episode 5: Permaculture in the Jungle

In the fifth episode of the journey, I show you how life is going at the International Permaculture Community during the quarantine in Panama.

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Jewels of the Rainforest - How Orchid Bees are at Risk

Orchid bees and orchids rely on each other for reproduction. What does this mean for the survival of both?

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Let's play...The Climate Collage

The Climate Collage is a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity. It is an educational tool to raise awareness on climate change, its causes and consequences

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Just planting the trees is not enough: A reforestation project done right in the mountains of Bali.

In this article I discuss some of the shortfalls of big business reforestation projects and highlight the main key to success.

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Coronavirus situation in Bocas del Toro, and how it will affect the journey

In this post, I explain the situation in Bocas del Toro, Panama, and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for my journey.

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Episode 4: People of the Paradise

In the fourth stage of the ride, I traveled from Puerto Viejo to the amazing archipielago of Bocas del Toro, in the Panamenian Caribbean.

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Episode 3: beauty under threat

In this third episode, I will tell you about my journey to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, and I'll talk about the main environmental issues that people and ecosystems are facing here.

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Episode 2: Bananas and pineapples. From La Selva to the Ocean

In this second episode, I'll talk about how monocultures of bananas and pineapples affect the environment, and how some initiatives are trying to farm them in a more suistanable way.

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Episode 1: from the Cloud Forest to La Selva

In this first episode of "Of People and Earth" project you'll see how it's been the first week of journey, where I had to face unexpected bumpy roads, mighty rivers and steep mountains.

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"Gloria", The Perfect Storm

Gloria, a record-breaking storm that caused multiple casualties and severe damages, has been the first serious contact of eastern Spain with climate change.

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Yes, climate change is behind Australia's bushfires

The Australian government is repeatedly attempting to downplay climate change as a cause of these months' bushfires. However, science evidences the opposite.

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The UN Climate Conference just finished, and this is what you should know about it

The longest United Nations climate negotiations summit on record highlights the incapacity of governments to make determined progress to tackle the climate crisis

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A pioneer in the "guerrilla"

Mauricio Ramírez, manager and owner of the Curi-Cancha Reserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica, tells us about how climate change is challenging the management of nature reserves.

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Cycling across Latin America to understand Climate Change

During 15 months, I will bike across 8 countries with one objective: film a movie to show how climate change is affecting people´s lives across Latin America.

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