Urban Gardening – Fighting Food Insecurity in Food Deserts

Many people around the world struggle with hunger. Could urban community gardens be part of the solution?

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Plastic litter: Where does it come from?

Have you ever asked yourself about the origin of all the plastics that we find in the sea? Here I present you some interesting and important facts about our current plastic crisis!

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The Fossil Free Movement

A post discussing the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the pressure exerted by activists on governments, institutions and companies to withdraw financial support from fossil fuel companies.

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Electronic Waste: A Growing Threat with an Unjust Distribution

Electronic devices contain precious materials but also hazardous substances. Most electronic waste is illegally shipped to low- and middle-income countries, where they pose serious problems.

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EJAtlas, the Global Atlas of Environmental Justice

This internet tool catalogues social conflicts related to environmental issues around the world. What do you think is the most common type of conflict? What conflicts are there in your country?

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Yes, climate change is behind Australia's bushfires

The Australian government is repeatedly attempting to downplay climate change as a cause of these months' bushfires. However, science evidences the opposite.

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