Our manifesto

Nowadays, humanity is facing one of the most crucial stages in our history. Our impact on this planet has reached a critical point, where our activities are not only affecting the Earth's mechanisms, but mankind´s wellbeing too. Global warming, uncontrolled population growth or massive biodiversity loss are just some of the multiple threats that pose our planet at risk. And this affects every organism that lives on it.

For the first time, we need to change radically our way of existing in this planet, shifting from the intensive resource-consumption paradigm towards a sustainable development. If we do not achieve this change within the next decades, the future will not be very promising. And frankly, this will not be easy.

In this context, we believe in science as a key tool to transform our societies towards ecological sustainability, social justice and human well-being. We consider that an ecological transition is necessary to promote deep changes, not just at the social level, but at the economic and political level too.

In a world dominated by mass media and information bombardment, it is crucial to establish solid common ground to lead our countries towards a more sustainable future. And as in any other paradigm shift, this leadership will need to come from the people.

This is why, as an international group of passionate young people involved in different - but connected - fields, we would like to make our contribution towards this change through the main goals of our platform, The Hive of Science:

  • Approach science to people.
  • Contribute to generate and apply knowledge from different fields of study.
  • Raise awareness about the climate crisis and contribute to address it.
  • Promote activism initiatives or campaigns with a solid scientific basis .
  • Inspire people to join us and claim for a global transformation.

It is true that time is running out. However, the level of consciousness and “know-how” of our society is higher than ever before. There is still time to address the situation, and to do so, we are all necessary. Just like bees, we all need to do our part, and combining everyone's efforts, we can build a better hive for all. Building a fairer and sustainable society is possible. Hope, science and commitment are the main ingredients, and this is exactly what you will find in The Hive of Science.