Planetary ‘safety net’ could halt wildlife loss and slow climate breakdown

This Guardian article shares a newly proposed blueprint to protecting biodiversity and limiting climate change

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Contribute to the Earth Inventory with The Explorers

The Explorers is taking an inventory of the Earth's natural, cultural and human heritage and wonders, through contributions of a community of people posting photos and videos.

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Australia fires: A visual guide to the bushfires and extreme heat

The massive bushfires in Australia are being fueled by record-breaking temperatures. Climate change may be one reason to explain the severity and intensity of the fires, experts say.

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Australia bushfires factcheck: are this year's fires unprecedented?

Conservative commentators have pointed to a long history of bushfires to suggest there is nothing unusual about this season. Experts disagree.

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Wildlife photographer of the year

Two snub-nosed monkeys are pictured resting on a stone and staring intently into the distance.

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Search engine Ecosia offers to buy Hambach Forest

Berlin-based search engine has offered to buy Hambach Forest from energy company RWE after violent clashes.

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What is biodiversity and why does it matter to us?

Our biodiversity, is in crisis -because of us. What does this mean for our future and can we stop it?.

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