Episode 2: Bananas and pineapples. From La Selva to the Ocean


Hi friends!!

During the second stage of the ride, I´ve been able to meet a lot of local people, and learn a lot about the context of agriculture in Costa Rica. In a worldwide famous country famous for its conservation efforts, it was also interesting to discover the "dark side" of their rural areas. Vast monocultures of bananas and pineapples share the land with small-scale farmers who are trying their best to produce in a more sustainable way, without relying on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

It was also great to visit EARTH University, a world leading institution in terms of innovation of agricultural practices, and learn about their vision and objetives. At the same time, I had the pleasure to meet a group of volunteers from different parts of Costa Rica, who are getting together to promote local projects and to be an active part of the change towards a more sustainable future.

I hope you enjoy the video, and see you on the road!!