Episode 3: beauty under threat


Hello friends!

The third stage of the bike ride has taken me to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica! During the last two weeks, I have been exploring the area, and becoming familiar with some of the main environmental issues that people and ecosystems are facing here

I had the pleasure to visit Cahuita National Park, a place of outstanding beauty where harsher weather events are washing out its coastline for the last decades. Cahuita is also famous for its coral reef, which provides food and shelter to more than 120 fish species, and it is formed by more than 30 different species of coral.

After visiting Cahuita and having an interview with its manager, I cycled to Puerto Viejo and had the opportunity to visit a Bribri indigenous family in the community of Bambú. It was a great opportunity to learn about their culture, language and traditions, and they also explained me how climate change has affected their lifestyle during recent years

Once back in Puerto Viejo, I visited Api-Agricultura, a place devoted to preserving bees and rescuing them from areas where they are under threat Carlos, the founder of the project, told me about the history of the organization and how bees are dealing with a drying climate in the area.

And I also had the chance to participate in a climate change communication workshop in San José, where we learned about how to apply climate science related concepts while narrating stories.

I hope you enjoy the video, and have a great day!