Let's play...The Climate Collage


The Climate Collage is a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity. It is an educational tool to raise awareness on causes, consequences and mechanisms of climate change. The bet is this one: if we truly understand scientific mechanisms behind climate change, we will be willing to take actions. Whether completely new to the topic or quite aware already, everyone can play the Climate Collage. In 3 hours’ time, participants retrace the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s reasoning.

How does it work? Participants are divided into teams to find the cause and effect relationships between 42 cards. Collectively, they build a collage explaining climate change. Using not only their rational minds but also their creativity, they will add colour, choose a title, draw and write messages around the cards. This creative phase is key for the knowledge to sink in properly. The final debrief is a collective discussion about climate change and its impacts on our collective and individual trajectories. Solutions and changes on the personal, economic or political level can be discussed.

School and high school kids, university students, politicians, professionals… Everyone can play the Climate Collage and that is actually the purpose: to increase awareness for as many people as possible. The game is available in 20 languages. The idea and content of the workshop are protected by the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND. This allows the use of the game for events that are free of charge, public and organised with voluntary facilitators. Everything is explained on this webpage.

The game is becoming more and more popular in France, and some universities are organizing it at large-scale (for all students) during the integration weeks in September 2020. The Climate Collage is also the name of the association created for the purpose of increasing the reach of the game through communication and development actions. It works on the principles of decentralization, universal participation and autonomy.

More explanation with Cedric Ringenbach, president and founder of the climate collage.

If you want to participate in a Climate Collage, go on their webiste or facebook page and sign up for a session (organized online during the Covid crisis). Once you’ve participated in a climate collage (and if you liked it!), you can yourself become a facilitator and organize Climate collage in your city. For this, you need to sign up for one of the “How to chair a Climate Collage workshop?” session. Then you can be part of the community of facilitator, organize events in your city, in your school, at your workplace to raise awareness and motivate people to take action !