Covid-19 pandemic and its relationship with the climate crisis


2020 is being an unusual year. Since the month of January, Covid-19 outbreak has changed our world in many different ways and we are still uncertain about how things will develop in the near future. The establishment of quarantines and the closure of borders across many countries are having unprecedented impacts on our wellbeing, leading to a context of uncertainty that can be tricky to navigate.

2020 was also expected to be a critical year to reorient the international focus towards another global crisis which is also presenting major challenges to our societies: the climate crisis. After the dramatic failure of COP25, world leaders were expected to concentrate their efforts on the implementation of more ambitious measures to address climate change, however the coronavirus crisis has become the top 1 priority for policy makers.

Thus, the current pandemic can be regarded as a crucial test to understand how we, humans, are able to cope with potential contexts of crises. And so far, there is a clear lesson to take home: we struggle to deal with them.