Episode 1: from the Cloud Forest to La Selva

Hi everyone!

On the 26th of January I left Monteverde with mixed feelings. On one hand I was sad to say goodbye to all the beautiful people I had met during the 8 months I lived in the area, but at the same time, that only meant one thing: the adventure was about to begin.

After a warm farewell and bringing with me lots of good wishes, I started the journey escorted by fellow cyclists who rode along with me during the first kilometers before they returned to Monteverde. Then, I was entirely on my own ⛺.

During the first week of traveling, I had a taste of the mountains ⛰⛰ of Costa Rica, and of their lovely inhabitants. But I also had to face some of the events that I shall face on a trip of this kind. However, flat tires, bumpy roads or mighty rivers represent just an additional motivation to fullfill the purpose of this trip: record stories of people and ecosystems which can help others (and myself) to deeply understand the current climate crisis, while discussing local (and global) solutions to such a challenge.

I hope you enjoy the video, and see you on the road!